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Roof Cleaning - Roof Stain Removal

Roof cleaning and the removal of damaging algae, lichen and mold is an important part of maximizing the life of your roof. At Graham Roof and Repair, we are experts at safely cleaning your home's roof, with environmentally friendly cleaning agents and equipment designed to remove stains from asphalt/fiberglass shingle roofs without damaging them. Our "Green" roof cleaning process returns most roofs from stained and discolored to looking new again in a little as 1 day!

Our Roof Cleaning Process

What Causes Roof Stains

It is first important to understand what is causing the discoloration and stains on your roof. Roof stains are actually caused by Algae. Technically known as "Gloeocapsa Magma", This particular Algae thrives on asphalt shingled roofs, especially in more humid areas like here in Northeast Florida. Algae spores are carried by wind, birds, and squirrels from roof to roof. Growth normally starts on the north side as well as shaded areas of the roof but before long it will grow to discolor and begin to damage your entire roof. It's not just a stain, it is alive and growing, damaging the asphalt shingles that protect your home.

The algae takes root on the shingles dislodging the granules which protect & color the roof. It holds water to the roof's surface and can cause decay & rot of the roof's underlayment. Not only is your roof being discolored by the algae, but it is shortening the life of the roof. This can result in the considerable expense of replacing your roof earlier than necessary.

An interesting side not is that you may remember that years ago roofs did not have this algae problem. This was because Asphalt shingles were manufactured differently many years ago. But today's more durable shingles are made with limestone. And unfortunately, while they are better shingles, they are also the favorite food of this stain of algae and it thrives on what your shingles are made of.

Now that we know what is causing the stains on your roof, let's discuss how we will safely clean your roof.

Professional Roof Cleaning

Pressure washing your roof is not recommended! While many homeowners and even some roof cleaning companies use pressure washers to remove roof stains, a pressure washer will damage your roof by blasting away the granules that protect and add color to your roof. Pressure washing an asphalt/fiberglass shingle roof will most certainly shorten the life of your roof and is therefore not a good way to remove the stains from your roof. Further, pressure washing does not offer any long term protection. Algae will reappear within months for the same reasons and you'll soon be right back where you started.

Our process of gently cleaning your roof with environmentally friendly cleaning agents, formulated to target and kill algae, lichen and mold is a much safer and more effective way to clean asphalt/fiberglass shingle roofs. This method allows us to clean most asphalt/fiberglass roofs in a single day without damage to your home or the environment!

The Steps We Take to Professionally Clean Your Roof

Preparing Your Roof For cleaning:

Before applying any cleaning agents to your roof, we must make sure the entire roof is clear of all lose debris. Leaves, sticks and any build up of soil, bark and other natural materials are removed to prepare your roof for the application of the cleaning agents.

Applying the Cleaning Agent:

After all lose debris has been removed from your roof, we apply a professional grade cleaning agent with a hand pump sprayer. This solution is carefully mixed to the required strength depending on the severity of the algae and mold that has developed on your roof. Our Cleaning Agent is Professional Grade and is formulated specifically to kill the algae, lichen and mold that feeds on and grows on roofs in moist warm environments. This Cleaning Agent is also formulated to be environmentally safe. Unlike chlorine bleach and other harsh cleaners, it will not damage your landscaping, stain mulch or damage your home's exterior in any way. It is perfectly safe to animals and humans.

Rinsing off the Cleaning Agent

After the Cleaning Agent has been applied to the roof and given the proper time to kill the algae, lichen and mold, we rinse your entire roof with water. In order to rinse your roof without causing damage to it, we use a specially designed "Low Pressure" pressure washer with a pressure of only 250 psi and a "high water flow" nozzle. Pressure gauges allow us to assure the pressure is safe while removing the Cleaning Agent from the roof. After all of the Cleaning Agent is rinsed away, your newly cleaning roof will be revealed.

As we mentioned, this process allows us to safely clean most roofs in a single day. But sometimes, algae, lichen and mold have been allowed to grow for years without treatment. Depending on the condition of your roof, we may recommend more than one cleaning to completely return your roof to like new condition.

Treating and protecting your Newly Cleaned Roof

In spite of how well our Cleaning Agent removes the algae, lichen, mold spores and stains from your roof, it only takes one spore to begin to feed on your roof again, and the stains will return. To protect your roof and keep it looking new, we treat your freshly cleaned roof with a solution containing zink. Zink is used in the manufacturing of asphalt/fiberglass shingles, but over time the protective coating wears away, and stains begin to appear. By replacing this protective zink coating after we clean your roof, we are effectively returning the condition of your shingles to their original "Like New" condition.

Preserving and Assuring the Life of Your Roof

Annual Treatment Plans apply to newly cleaned roofs as well as relatively new roofs

To keep your newly cleaned roof or your young roof like new for years, we recommend an annual treatment plan. In the same way your aged roof that lost its original protective coating, new roofs will loose their protective coating after a few years. An annual treatment program will allow us to inspect and retreat your roof with zink each year, stopping any chance of algae, lichen and mold staining to reaper or ever appear in the first place. Speak to us about an annual roof treatment plan today!

Additional Options to Prevent Algae, Mold and Lichen Stains

roof treatments to stop roof stainsIn addition to treating your roof with zink. Zink strips can be attached to your roof. As we discussed, zink prevents algae, lichen and mold from living and growing on your roof. You may have noticed that the stains that are caused by these living organisms do not appear near chimney flashing, vents and other aluminum parts of your roof. This is because they are typically treated with zink. As rain water runs off of these zink treated vents and flashing, zink is deposited on your roof leaving a protective barrier of zink on parts of the roof around and below them. This deposit of zink on your roof prevents staining

By attaching solid zink strips (not aluminum strips treated with zink) along the ridges of your roof, we can protect your roof in the same way. Ask us about zink strips for your roof to provide year round protection against the destructive growth of algae, lichen and mold on your roof.

Be sure to let the professionals at Graham Roof and Repair help you avoid costly repairs and keep your home's roof in tip top shape for years to come. Call the licensed professionals at Graham Roof and Repair today!