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Solatube Skylight Installation

Solatube Skylights in the Dining Room add a warm and unique atmosphere to the room.Graham Roof and Repair Inc. is proud to install Solatube Skylights into your existing roof or we can add them during the re-roofing process. Solatube Skylights are a great alternative to traditional skylights in ways of bringing natural light into the home. They create illuminating accents in hallways, bathrooms, laundry rooms and most rooms that receive minimal lighting. Solatube Skylights are easy to install into your home's existing roof. They require no sheetrock repair or additional framing. This makes Solatube Skylights a no nonsense upgrade to your home that not only gives you access to beautiful, natural light, but it's energy efficient saving you money in the long-run!

Solatube Skylight Installation Cost

The standard installation starts at $550.00 and up depending on the size and length of skylight tube. Every home is different and so is the cost. We encourage you to contact Graham Roof and Repair Inc. today for a custom quote and to learn more about the energy saving options you can find with Solatube Skylights!

The Benefits of Solatube Skylights

  • Eco-friendly Product
  • Patented High Performance Technology
  • Cost effective way to Brighten Every Room
  • Leak Proof Design
  • Requires no sheetrock repairs
  • Requires no additional framing
  • Illuminates your home with natural light
  • Natural light is healthy and improves your well-being

An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Lighting

ENERGY STAR logo.Solatube's Skylight systems are not only a way to get natural light into your home, but it's considered an eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighting systems. This ENERGY STAR rated system will help save you money on your monthly energy bill while reducing your output on environmental pollution. Why wouldn't you want to save money in the long-run and contribute to the well-being of our planet? This smart technology is not only versatile, but easy to install for an experienced and licensed roofer, such as Graham Roof and Repair.

Contact Graham for a Free Custom Quote on Solatube Skylights

Be sure to let a certified professional, such as Graham Roof and Repair, make any repairs or upgrades to your home's roof. Call the licensed professionals at Graham Roof and Repair today!