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Roof Damage Photos & Case Study

Leaking Roof Case Study

Ever wonder why the roof on your 5-year-old house is leaking? Itís a simple answer if you, as a homeowner, do not know it yet: The contractor who built your home was cheap. They often try to skimp by with inferior roofing products just to save a buck. The following photos and information are about a repair we performed on a house in a neighborhood thatís less than 5 years old - not to mention we have already performed multiple repairs in this neighborhood due to the same problem: cutting-corners, just to save a buck.Pipe flashing on a roof.

When we were in this homeownerís attic, we noticed the rotten wood around the pipe flashing on the roof. As soon as we walked up on the roof, we were quickly able to identify the problem. It was a cheap pipe flashing made of plastic and neoprene. Everyone knows what happens to plastic and rubber when itís in the sun all the time - it deteriorates quickly.

What Is Causing My Roof Problem?

Rotten wood replacement around plumbing through the roof. You may say to yourself, "Well, I have a good 30-year shingle on my roof, why am I having this problem?" Plastic products will never last as long as the shingle will. It's a simple roofing fact and an issue we encounter almost on a daily basis.

So what does that leave you to do but make a repair to your new roof? The answer to that is Lead Pipe Flashing instead of plastic and neoprene. A lead pipe flashing will not only last forever but it is among one of the best shingles available for quality roofing.

Wood removal on a roof repair As you can see in the pictures above, this particular pipe flashing caused a lot of damage to the roof decking and framing. Not to mention the water damage done to the sheetrock inside the home. It's not only dangerous to the home homeowner but could potentially cause health issues from mold in the future.

Their Gain, My Loss?

Bottom line, the contractor saved maybe $75 by cutting this corner resulting the homeowner's payout of about a $1000 in sheetrock and roof repairs.

Here is the wood replacement for this roof repair. This is the felt underlayment for this particular repair. Here is the led pipe flashing after the roof has been repaired.

What Should I Check For In A Roofing Contractor?

When it comes to your roof, itís a major investment into your property. You should expect to get 20-30 years out of a roof, but if you cut corners, it may cost you in the long run. It always does. So when you are thinking about hiring a roofing contractor in Jacksonville, make sure he is not going to use an inferior product on your roof. It could cost you more than you think. When it comes to your roof, the cheapest solution is usually not the best solution.

In this economy, desperate times call for desperate measures and there are roofing contractors out there that are not roofing legally. These companies will do things such as not pay liability insurance, not pay workmanís comp, work on the weekends to get out of paying for permits, work undocumented employees etc.

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